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My name is James (aka Jim, aka JB, aka J) Burgett, and I'm the photographer who wears the red shirt in Red Shirt Photography. I’m a Kentucky native and long-time resident of Lexington, located in the heart of the beautiful Bluegrass region famous for its thoroughbred horse farms and bourbon distilleries.

I was hooked on photography at the age of eight when I used my first camera, a Kodak instamatic, to capture a photo of my cousin diving into the local swimming hole. The photo shows him in mid-dive: torso already submerged up to the waist, legs extending out of the water at an awkward angle, the spray of the entry splash caught and frozen in place, with just enough blur to convey the energy of the action. The black and white photo is long gone, but its image remains as vivid in memory as when it was first taken. Photography has been my passion ever since.

Red Shirt Photography offers quality, personalized photography tailored to your budget:

►  Prints, digital downloads, greeting cards, calendars, & more 

►  Private, password-protected galleries for your images

►  Studio and location portraits (individual and groups)

►  Personal projects, creative images (styled to your preferences)

►  Coverage of events, ceremonies, celebrations, conferences, & meetings

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